About Us

Bankswood Stud was established in 1996 by my grandmother, Valerie Granger, and is now a family passion, carried on between myself, my partner and the next generation of New Forest enthusiasts, our 4 children.

We are located in the lovely rural town of Woodside, in south east Gippsland, Victoria. It is a quaint little town consisting of only the local pub, service station and a mechanics shop, but brimming with community spirit. We have the pleasure of exploring countless hectares of untouched bushland and reserves as well as the 90 mile beach in which to enjoy our horses, be it ride or drive.

Our family has been involved with New Forest Ponies since 1976. Founder of Bankswood stud, Valerie Granger, became involved with the New Forest Breed through a long time family friend, Nita Appleton, the owner of well renown Wattle Ridge Stud, who were among the first to import the New Forest Pony to Australia and are well known for breeding some of the best horses in the country. Valerie fell in love with the breeds undeniable hardiness, versatility and performance ability, and has passed her love for these fantastic little horses to myself, her grandson.

Today, Bankswood Stud focus on breeding quality, true to type, working New Forest Ponies, with good temperament, type, movement & performance ability, in a varying range of heights.

The majority of Bankswood bloodlines are derived from the original  imported Wattle Ridge stock and are the only horses in Australia who can claim this prestigious title. We are one of the largest New Forest studs in Australia, boasting some of the best and most diverse bloodlines in the country, including the use of overseas stallions via frozen semen. We currently run a number of quality mares as well as our four versatile stallions.

All our ponies have full equine passports and are registered with the New Forest Pony Stud Book (UK). We are members of the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society UK, founding members and committee members of the New Forest Pony Association of Australia Incorporated